The Rejection Gene | MIT Entrepreneurship Review


The Rejection Gene by C.Z. Nnaemeka - MITER, June/July 2010

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Published in July 2010 – >MIT Entrepreneurship Review Discussion on Jezebel.


Why Malia and Sasha Obama can grow up to be anything — even Presidents — but perhaps not tech entrepreneurs. Why a sexual revolution might do more to change the face of Silicon Valley than any engineering program could. Why we should or shouldn’t look for a “rejection gene”.

“… that the way to give women a leg up is to make them more (or exactly) like men. Ability attribution is very dangerous (we need only look at the mammoth investment losses on Wall Street by overconfident traders who confused luck for ability). I am simply stating that in this one specific arena – entrepreneurship, venture-backed entrepreneurship, especially — the difference across genders in the quantity and quality of rejections speaks volumes about who we see entering the field, and who abstains.

The puzzling irony of it all is that in American society, from childhood to the early teenage years, it is girls –- not boys –- who are deemed more e-inclined, more likely to join the entrepreneur class…”

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